Three students to compete at State UIL Academic Meet


Laura Smith

Freshman Claire Meyer, seniors Sarah Nease and Callie Boren, and sophomores Erin Sheffield and Katelyn Spivey competed at the UIL regional journalism meet, April 7-8.

Three students from the UIL journalism team will advance to the UIL State Academic Meet April 20-21 in Austin after qualifying at the regional meet April 7-8.

In the regional journalism contest, seniors Callie Boren won first in headline writing and Sarah Nease placed first in feature writing, while sophomore Erin Sheffield placed third in news writing. The three are now among the top 12 writers in the state in their individual contests. In addition to the state qualifiers, sophomore Aryauna Thompson placed sixth in ready writing and senior Adriana Jones placed seventh in computer applications.

At district, Canyon High placed second for the overall meet and first in Calculator Applications, Journalism, Mathematics and spelling and vocabulary. Speech and debate coach Stefanie Rodarte-Suto is the UIL academic coordinator.

If students are confident, that will boost their performance tremendously. Teaching students how to be confident and how to believe in themselves helps a whole lot.”

— Stefanie Rodarte-Suto

“The level of competition always gets harder for all all of the different academic events at region,” Rodarte-Suto said. “We are talking about the best of the best, and we also compete against very large 5-A schools.”

Freshman regional spelling and vocabulary contestant Aleah Appel said the she has enjoyed participating in UIL events.

“I have never done UIL events before, so it has been fun,” Appel said. “Plus, it’s nice to get to know people from other schools that enjoy the same things I do like spelling and academics. It’s just been great to get to know people.”

Rodarte-Suto said she tells her students confidence is key when competing.

“It doesn’t matter at what level of performance they are,” Rodarte-Suto said. “If students are confident, that will boost their performance tremendously. Teaching students how to be confident and how to believe in themselves helps a whole lot.”




5th place- Arian Howard

6th place- Adam Kendrick

Canyon, 2nd place overall

Calculator Applications:

3rd place tie- Madison Hill

3rd place tie- Samantha Fernandez

5th place- Arian Howard

9th- Morgan Howard

Canyon, 1st place overall

Computer Applications:

1st place- Adrianna Jones

5th place- Keaton Goss

7th place- Toby Macklin

Computer Science:

6th place- Quinton Smith

7th place- Chance Rae

8th place- Levi Mauk

9th place- Nicholas Davis

Canyon, 2nd overall

Cross Examination Debate:

1st- Obie Dominguez, Bailey McClure

Current Issues:

5th place- Elias Maki

10th place- Hayden Neeley

13th place- Marshall Blakeman

22nd place- Sarah Tomlinson

Canyon, 3rd overall

Editorial Writing:

5th place- Callie Boren

Feature Writing:

2nd place- Sarah Nease

3rd place- Katelyn Spivey

Headline Writing:

2nd place- Callie Boren

4th place- Claire Meyer

Informative Speaking:

4th place- Kaleigh Rodarte-Suto

5th place- Obie Dominguez


1st place- Canyon High

Literary Criticism:

8th place- Lauren Allen

11th place- Victoria Bell

12th place- Jamie Abbott

19th place- O’Brien

Canyon, 3rd place overall


1st place- Adam Kendrick

3rd place- Katelyn Donais

8th place- Corrie Allen

15th place- Julia Miller

Canyon, 1st overall

News Writing:

1st place- Erin Sheffield

Number Sense:

15th place- Arian Howard

16th place- Julian Sewell

17th place- Morgan Howard

24th place- Kelsey Taylor

Canyon, 6th overall

Ready Writing:

2nd place- Aryauna Thompson


15th place tie- Logan Flynn

15th place tie- Julian Sewell

17th place- Caden Zotter

18th place- Andrew Eason

23rd place- Cody Moore

29th place- Jonah Ramirez

Canyon, 4th place overall

Social Studies:

6th place- Aaron Neeley

7th place- Caleb Tomlinson

9th place- Andrew Eason

17th place- Julian Sewell

Canyon, 3rd overall


5th place- Canyon high

Spelling and Vocabulary:

1st place- Aleah Appel

2nd place- Bret Ramirez

13th place- Samantha Fernandez

19th place- Vanessa Payen

Canyon, 1st overall




11th place- Arian Howard

15th place- Kendrick Brown

33rd place- Adam Kendrick

Canyon, 4th overall

Calculator Applications:

22nd place- Morgan Howard

27th place- Arian Howard

32nd place tie- Madison Hill

32nd place tie- Samantha Fernandez

Computer Applications:

7th place- Adrianna Jones

Feature Writing:

1st place- Sarah Nease

Headline Writing:

1st place- Callie Boren


3rd place- Canyon High


12th place- Adam Kendrick

25th place- Katelyn Donais

30th place- Corrie Allen

36th place- Morgan Howard

Canyon, 6th place overall

News Writing:

3rd place- Erin Sheffield

Ready Writing:

6th place- Aryauna Thompson

Spelling and Vocabulary:

17th place- Bret Ramirez

22nd place- Aleah Appel

39th place- Vanessa Payen