Homecoming clues

Senior creates escape room box for homecoming proposal


Courtesy of Cooper Smith

The clues in the box were related to Meyer and Smith’s relationship.

A small wooden box filled with clues and questions sits in front of senior Cooper Smith. It wishes him good luck as he begins his task. 

Senior Claire Meyer created an escape room to ask Smith to homecoming. 

“Cooper has always been a fan of escape rooms, and we have gone on dates to do escape rooms too,” Meyer said. “He actually works at one, so I thought that the best thing to ask him and to be cutesy about it, would be to make a little escape room box that he had to get inside to ask if he wanted to go to homecoming with me or not.”

Meyer said it took her a while to decide what clues to make. 

“It was a lot more difficult than I was expecting it to be,” Meyer said. “It cost a lot more than the time spent to make it. I think it turned out really well.” 

Smith said he was thrown off-guard by Meyer’s proposal.

“When I saw locks, I got really excited because I knew it was a puzzle,” Smith said. “Then there were words on the outside making clues. I was surprised.”

This will be Smith and Meyer’s second homecoming together. 

“Our anniversary is on homecoming,” Meyer said. “I’m making him a garter. I just got stuff for a garter yesterday, so I’m a little behind, but I think he’ll like it because it has a really cool centerpiece. It’s very cute.”