New college, career center located in library


Erin Sheffield

Students can fill out applications and research colleges in the new college and career center.

Students can now consult college and career counselors, Mishon Wright and Chris Fant, for information on post-secondary education by visiting rooms 2401B and 2401C in the library.

The department has created multiple opportunities such as the inaugural CISD College Fair and multiple field trips to colleges, universities and technical schools. While the college and career center was created last year, the area has been developed further for this year’s upperclassmen.

“We’ve met with every senior and given presentations on what their goals should be throughout their senior year,” Wright said. “We’ve gone over ACT and SAT testing, applying to colleges, scholarships, recommendation letters and FAFSA.”

The CISD College Fair is scheduled for Oct. 25 from 9-11 a.m. at West Texas A&M University’s Legacy Hall.

“Together with Mishon Wright, we want to provide a program where we can help people figure out their goals and plans for life after high school, have opportunities and help them to meet those goals and plans,” Fant said. “Specifically, we want to make sure every senior is on track and make sure juniors have started on their plans as well. We want to continue to help students explore careers and their skills their freshman and sophomore years as well, so when they’re juniors, they’re in much better shape.”

Seniors also have access to a College Prep and Admission Checklist, which provides monthly checkpoints for progress toward secondary education.

“Our goal is to provide the necessary guidance needed for each individual student by helping them explore their interests and abilities, identify strengths and weaknesses, aid in researching colleges and universities, inform students of their options and help them through the journey to success,” Wright said.

Wright is available Tuesdays through Thursdays, while Fant is available every day in the regular counseling center.

“It’s a lot of fun helping people with their future, talking about what they want to do and getting them scholarship opportunities,” Fant said. “It’s a lot of fun to help people do something that they want to do and they’re positive about.”