School store celebrates grand re-opening


Claire Meyer

The Juice Station is only a small part of what the school store has to offer.

After being inactive for more than a year, the school store will be open from second through fifth periods following the grand re-opening on Monday.

Free lemonade and 50 cent popcorn will be available with a purchase.

“I’m most excited about having the store open for four periods,” business teacher Marcie Cook said. “We’ve never had that opportunity before. I have students who are assigned a class period to work in the school store.”

While spots working the store are mainly reserved for juniors and seniors who apply, the class acts as an internship to help develop business and personal skills.

“I’m most excited about having the store open for four periods

— Marcie Cook

“It’s a great learning opportunity for our students,” Cook said. “They have to do all the deposits. They have to pay sales tax. They have to inventory, marketing, accounting–everything they would do at a real business.”

The store host a variety of new features including the Juice Station, which will allow students to recharge their Chromebooks, iPhones and other electronic devices. While it won’t be open on the first day, a coffee bar will allow students to get $1 refills with the purchase of a school store mug.

“We’re hoping this will catch on,” Cook said. “Students can come in, grab a snack and sit here while they charge up.”

The store offers various snacks, including chips, fruit snacks, granola bars and cereal. Pins, clothing and numerous school supplies are also available with a low markup.

“I think the most popular is probably going to be the food,” Cook said. “We also have have some new t-shirts and sweatshirts, some of which were designed in Mr. Thrasher’s digital graphic design class. I think those will be the biggest sellers.”

We’ll have mums, garters, face paint, stickers, a lot of things that are specific to football.

— Marice Cook

The store will have seasonal items for sale for a limited time throughout the year.

“We’re getting ready for homecoming,” Cook said. “We’ll have mums, garters, face paint, stickers, a lot of things that are specific to football. This Christmas we’re excited to have a Christmas shirt. We’ll do Valentines, with flowers from the floral design class. Every season we’ll have something different.”

Cook said she is thankful to have the opportunity to reopen the school store.

“We were established in 2012,” Cook said, “It’s just gotten bigger and better every year. I think these students are going to do a great job this year.”