Choir seeks donations for new piano

To replace the current, aging piano, the choir continues to collect donations for a new piano. The choir began a new fundraiser over spring break. The fundraiser is active through the end of the school year on Facebook.

Canyon Choir

Choir director Brandon Farren said the choir has done multiple things to raise money, but the Facebook fundraiser is their main focus right now.

“The big push right now is to get that post, that fundraiser out to as many people as possible,” Farren said. “We’ve really focused on alumni from Canyon so former choir kids former choir parent and really any alumni from Canyon High School to give back to the program.”

The goal for the fundraiser is $25,000-$30,000.

“Canyon has always been known as a great fine arts school that is strong in so many different areas,”  Farren said. “I think a lot of people have pride in these programs and who we are and what we’ve been doing. Parents that have kids in it, kids who are now professionals out in the world, we hope they can give back to something that touched their lives back in high school.”