Assistant principal seeks to touch lives of students


Braden Lefevre

Blake Hurst was recently hired as an assistant principal.

The bell rings, and the first day of school begins. He walks through the masses of students smiling and greeting each by name. As the students take their places in classrooms, assistant principal Blake Hurst opens the door to his new office and begins his work.

Blake Hurst recently joined the Canyon High staff as the newest assistant principal. Prior to his administrative role, Hurst graduated from Miami High School and then attended West Texas A&M University, where he majored in English. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, Hurst worked to earn his graduate degree at Lamar University.

“My first job out of college was actually working as a certificate of deposit representative for a bank in Amarillo, which I thoroughly enjoyed,” Hurst said. “However, after two years of that job, it got to be a bit mundane. That’s when I jumped into the world of education where every day is different, and every challenge is new.”

I jumped into the world of education where every day is different, and every challenge is new.

— Blake Hurst, assistant principal

Following his entrance into the world of public education, Hurst worked as a coach and English teacher in Floydada, Austin and Amarillo. Hurst said taking on an administrative role is a strange but welcome change.  

“To not be called Coach Hurst after 12 years is almost like a maiden name change, which is a little odd,” Hurst said. “I got into the administrative role when I realized I could connect with a pocket of students, whether it be my athletes or English students, which felt wonderful. My ultimate desire as an administrator is to reach more kids. I am now dealing with an entire student body and community of teachers, so I have the means to reach that goal now.”

Hurst expressed admiration and gratitude towards the administrative staffs, both present and past.

“The administration team here prior to my arrival was amazing,” Hurst said. “A big part of this job is working with your team, and I am so blessed to work with the current administration, counselors and office staff. They are all so wonderful.”

Hurst said he plans to bring a healthy balance of leadership and cooperation to the Canyon High staff.

“I believe the most important aspect of a principal is to be a team player,” Hurst said. “In this position, you are definitely in a leadership role, but you also need to know how to follow others. The best way to be a great leader is to actively be a part of others’ lives. Cooperation is the key to success, because no one can reach success without some help.”

Hurst said he looks forward to seeing students grow into productive and respectful members of society.

The best way to be a great leader is to actively be a part of others’ lives.

— Blake Hurst, assistant principal

“I want see what happens for these kids after high school, and not just academically,” Hurst said. “How students look each other in the eye and if they hold doors open for people is a big deal to me. The little things empower kids to achieve lifelong success.”

Hurst said he was grateful for the opportunity to work at Canyon High and aims to make the 2017-18 school year as productive and great as possible.

“If there is one thing I have learned throughout my career, regardless of whether I am working at a bank, coaching, teaching or working as an assistant principal, the people around you influence the dynamic of the workplace for better or worse,” Hurst said. “I am just so glad I am here where the dynamic is so positive and focused on the bettering of the students.”