Jayden Bilbrey jumps to new heights


Courtesy of Jayden Bilbrey

Sophomore Jayden Bilbrey performs a mid-air flip.

As his feet sink into the polypropylene of the trampoline, he begins to feel the forces of kinetic energy and velocity rapidly propel him skyward. He rockets into the air and for a brief instant, he seemingly defies gravity. Though this moment is short lived for sophomore Jayden Bilbrey, it provides everything he needs to perform mind boggling mid-air tricks and flips.

Jayden Bilbrey, also known as “JaydenBlue” in the flipping community, is a self-taught trampoline athlete who publishes his work on both Instagram and YouTube. Bilbrey began his trampolining career one year ago after being inspired by Jake Breshears, a popular athlete in the flipping community.

“I just started going home and doing flips for a couple of hours, then I would make an edit of my footage and post it on Instagram,” Bilbrey said. “After some time, I started to get a lot of followers from doing that. Flipping became a really enjoyable hobby for me. I also enjoy running my account because of the support I get from my followers.”

I really appreciate the support of my followers.

— Jayden Bilbrey, 10

Bilbrey’s Instagram account, JadenBlue.fr, is highly successful, with over 5,900 followers to date.

“I try to post on my Instagram account every day,” Bilbrey said. “I get to interact with different people in the flipping community through my account, which is really fun. I really appreciate the support of my followers and all the comments they leave on my videos.”

Bilbrey has also begun a Youtube channel under the same name as his Instagram account.

“I’ve started a Youtube channel with 443 subscribers, which I have made $20 off of so far,” Bilbrey said. “I got about 10,000 views off a tutorial I made, so I am going to start doing more of those and see how that goes.”

Bilbrey said he strongly suggests trampolining to anyone looking for a new hobby.

“When I flip, I’m chasing a passion, and when you are starting your flipping career, just have fun with it,” Bilbrey said. “When you start trying to do doubles and triples you probably won’t be able to do it in one day, but don’t get frustrated. Just enjoy flipping and have fun with the whole process.”