Volleyball team to continue season against Randall Raiders Saturday


Kaylee Buck

Senior Maddie Moberly returns the ball to Amarillo High during the Sept. 12 game at Canyon.

The varsity volleyball team will play the Raiders at Randall High School Sept. 16 at 1 p.m. after falling to reigning state champions Amarillo High Tuesday night.

Saturday will be the third district game this season from the eight team district. The varsity volleyball team this year consists of six seniors, two juniors, three sophomores and two freshman. They will continue to play every Tuesday and Saturday.  

“I am excited to see how well we will do and how we make a statement, because we have a very difficult district,” junior Madison Jones said. “We’ve been working really hard since two-a-days and in tournament season just to try and get better.”

District this year started Sept. 9 against Hereford High School at Hereford. Jones said some of their rivals this year will be Hereford, Amarillo High and Randall.

“I am excited to play Hereford again,” Jones said. “Randall should be a good game this Saturday as well.”

We have to rely on each other to pick each other up every day when someone is having a off game”

— Hallie Lackey, 11

Junior Hallie Lackey has taken on a new position this year as a setter.

“I really love this sport because I rely on the success from the passers for my success,” Lackey said. “I think not getting down on myself and knowing I’m going to be able to bounce back is important because the ball is coming back in the next five seconds.”

Lackey said that she plays best when she is more relaxed and just focuses on the game.  

“I just look at Morath and she calms me down,” Lackey said. “She knows how to calm my jitters.”

The seniors selected this year’s theme, “Fly High.”  

“It really means do your best and represent the ‘C’,” Jones said. “It means to outwork everyone else when we can, and to just represent our school and team really well.”

Lackey said that everyone has had to step up at some point to be a leader on the team.  

“We have to rely on each other to pick each other up every day when someone is having a off game,” Lackey said. “We have to be able to bounce back and help each other. We have to stick together. Everyone has a special role on the team whether you’re a senior or a freshman.”