Protest for unity, not for chaos


Aryauna Thompson

American citizens should focus on what unites the nation, not what divides it.

They parade down the roads with homemade signs, screaming for anyone to hear. In the eyes of some, they play the heroes during this confusing time in America. For others, they are no more than fools who appear to be talking just to hear their own voices. These protesters are neither heroes, nor villains; they are just like many in America–confused, scared, and hurting.

Less than a month ago, our country witnessed a peaceful exchange of power between our former Democratic president and our current Republican president. The process leading to the inauguration of President Donald Trump will go down in history. Many of our fellow Americans were convinced the election would have ended differently. Yet here we are.

Nowhere is safe from the claws of deception.”

— Aryauna Thompson, 10

In the crazy, messed up world we live in, any change in power is bound to create waves. Any change as drastic and unexpected as this will not only create waves; it will create Category 5 hurricanes. For many, the change in presidency has left them in a state of utter confusion and fear.

The population of America is unsettled. No one knows what will happen next. No one is certain of what the future holds, so they hold on to what they know is true. They cling to anything that justifies their feelings toward the man in power. The highly-anticipated election was bound to produce protesters, no matter the outcome. They appeared with signs in hands to act out against the president because they feel there is nothing else they can do to be heard.

Although we live in a democratic republic, many see the power of their voices to be insignificant. It is easy for people to believe we are doomed because events do not go exactly their way. They are scared because they are not in control and suffering because there is nothing they can do about it.

Whether we are parading the streets, watching from home, or avoiding the political turmoil altogether, we are all protesters.”

— Aryauna Thompson, 10

The country is lost. Stumbling through the dark with blindfolds over eyes and hands bound behind backs, the population of America is fed false information on a daily basis. Even the main sources of news are pitted against one another. Information has been skewed and butchered to the point that it is no more than gossip. Immigrants become “extremists,” the president becomes a “misogynist,” the police become “brutal,” and a common arrest becomes “possible terrorist activity.” Propaganda floods televisions, radios, computers, billboards, conversation, thoughts — nowhere is safe from the claws of deception.

Our country is wounded, and we are the ones inflicting the damage. Instead of rising together, we choose to tear each other down. Instead of supporting our government, we choose to bash it and protest. Instead of telling each other the truth, we choose to twist it to fit our needs.

Whether we are parading the streets, watching from home, or avoiding the political turmoil altogether, we are all protesters. Those marching the roads are neither heroes, nor villains in our current crippled state. They are just like the rest of us. We may be a country of states, but the state of our country is in turmoil. We can never “make America great again” if we are too busy protesting that which we cannot control. We are all human beings in search of life, liberty, and happiness. We must stop protesting against the actions of those whom we cannot control and start protesting the disunity of our nation.