UIL academic competitors compete at district, advance to regional meet


Kendall Tipton

Academic team members earned gold, silver and bronze medals at the district UIL meet.

Seventeen students with a total of 21 qualifications will advance to the UIL Regional Academic Meet April 22-23 at Texas Tech University after competing in the District UIL Academic Meet at West Texas A&M University, March 24.

 The journalism and spelling teams each earned first place team awards while the speech and computer science teams earned second place team honors. The Canyon High School academic team placed second in district. UIL coordinator and speech and debate coach Stefanie Rodarte-Suto said she was thrilled with the success of the CHS competitors.

“I think there are lots of benefits of UIL Academics, however I’ve found that most students are unaware that we even offer this opportunity,” Rodarte-Suto said. “UIL Academics offers students who are proficient in a certain academic subject an opportunity to compete and distinguish themselves. These students who place well can also obtain scholarships and statewide recognition.”

A lot of preparation has to go into this competition in order to be successful.

— Stefanie Rodarte-Suto

Rodarte-Suto said that the success of the students does not come without hard work.

“A lot of preparation has to go into this competition in order to be successful,” Rodarte-Suto said. “As the students progress through the contests it becomes more and more difficult to achieve success due to the higher skill levels they have to compete against. The most successful students are able to practice their craft during the day and also make time at home to hone their skills.”

Senior Avery Cummings placed first in Ready Writing, marking the first Ready Writing champion at district in several years. Journalism teacher Laura Smith also coaches ready writing.

“I’ve been practicing as much as possible at my writing, however since I have a two-hour frame to finish my essay, it can be difficult to find the appropriate amount of time,” Cummings said. “I would say most of my success is owed to Mrs. Smith. She has taught me nearly all I know and has patiently learned with us about this competition during the past few years.”

Rodardte-Suto said she is confident in the student’s ability to be successful at the upcoming UIL Regional Contest.

“The student’s ultimate goal is to make it to the state competition, and so far they have taken great steps towards that goal,” Rodarte-Suto said. “Competing in this takes a lot of effort, energy and commitment to compete at their level and advance on. This is an incredible achievement on their part.”


6th- Seth Jones

Computer Applications

1st-  Adrianna Jones

Computer Science

4th- Adrianna Jones

5th- Matt Teweleit

6th- Tanner Macklin

Editorial Writing

1st- Tanner Cromeens

2nd- Callie Boren

3rd-  Allison Koontz

Feature Writing

2nd- Erin Westermann

3rd- Sarah Nease

Headline Writing

1st- Erin Westermann

2nd- Callie Boren

3rd- Sarah Mejia

News Writing

1st-  Allison Koontz

2nd- Erin Sheffield

4th- Katelyn Spivey

Informative Speaking

3rd- Kaleigh Rodarte-Suto

6th- Tyler Evans

Lincoln Douglas Debate

2nd- Quade Salazar

Persuasive Speaking

1st- Quade Salazar

5th- Carlee Coggins

Poetry Interpritation

3rd- Cassidy Schultz

Prose Interpritation

2nd- Campell Holt

5th- Carlee Coggins

7th- Kaleigh Rodarte-Suto

Literary Criticism

5th- Mason Mooring

Calculator Applications

4th- Arian Howard


6th- Adam Kendrick

Ready Writing

1st- Avery Cummings

4th- Callie Boren

6th- Jaren Tankersly

Spelling & Vocabulary

1st- Alicia Owen

2nd- Tanner Macklin

3rd- Bailey Huffnagle

5th- Coby Vilgil

Team Rankings

Computer Science- 2nd

Journalism- 1st

Speech- 2nd

Spelling & Vocabulary- 1st