Band members compete in All-Region contest


Braden Lefevre

Nathan Armstrong practices his music for the UIL All Region Band Contest.

After completing the Region 1 auditions Nov. 12, 24 band member will compete in the UIL Area A Competition Jan. 9 in Wichita Falls. 

Sixty-nine students from both the Canyon High School honor band and symphonic band participated in the All-Region audition process at Amarillo High. Forty-four Canyon band members earned a place in either the symphonic or concert All-Region Band, with an additional five Canyon band members placing as alternates.

First chair Baritone Saxophone in the All-Region Band, Nathan Armstrong, said he is thankful for the opportunity to participate in the All-Region Band tryouts.

“I was pretty nervous for the region audition since I haven’t been in an audition like this since junior high,” Armstrong said. “Then I placed first out of everyone, and that felt pretty good.”

Armstrong said he plans to continue his preparation for the coming UIL Area audition.

“The next step for me is to go to Area and see what I can do there,” Armstrong said. “Getting to be in this whole thing is just really fun for me. I’m very excited that I get to be in the All-Region Band.”


Berkley Trumbly- 3rd, Symphonic 5A Area

Shady Kuster- 5th, Symphonic 5A Area

Isabelle Wheeler- 7th, Symphonic

Marissa Cruz- 8th, Symphonic

Lani Vanlandingham- 15th, Concert

Jessica Medina- 16th, Concert

Sierra Pryor- 21st, Alternate



Sidney McMillian- 6th, Concert 5A Area


Eb/Bb Clarinet

Tesla Rowley- 1st, Symphonic 5A Area

Emma Irlbeck- 7th, Symphonic 5A Area

Maggie Bell- 8th, Symphonic 5A Area

Emily Ray- 19th, Concert

Corrie Allen- 20th, Concert

Calvin Burns- 21st, Concert

Sophia Hernandez- 26th, Concert


Bass Clarinet

Mark Wiegand- 6th, Concert

Lake Youngblood- 7th, Alternate



Joseph Williams- 1st, Symphonic 5A Area



Meghan Brooks- 1st, Symphonic 5A Area

Julia Miller- 2nd, Symphonic 5A Area


Alto Saxophone

Braden Lefevre- 1st, Symphonic 5A Area

Braden Miller- 11th, Alternate

Justin Mahan- 12th, Alternate


Tenor Saxophone

Trey Harris- 3rd, Concert

Michael A. Robinson- 4th, Concert


Baritone Saxophone

Nathan Armstrong- 1st, Symphonic 5A Area

Jay Mudge- 2nd, Concert



Matthew Teweleit-  3rd, Symphonic 5A Area

Cody Clark- 11th, Concert 5A Area

Cory Robbins- 15th, Concert

Jacob Sappington- 18th, Concert

Joshua Lawson- 20th, Concert

Raymond Salazar- 22nd, Concert


French Horn

Aryauna Thompson- 5th, Symphonic 5A Area

Ericka Ortiz- 12th, Concert 5A Area

Madyson Edwards- 14th, Concert

Kendrick Brown- 15th, Concert


Tenor Trombone

Shawn Williams- 1st, Symphonic 5A Area

Isaac Rosales- 4th, Symphonic 5A Area

Adam Soliz- 6th, Symphonic 5A Area

Abigail Fehr- 12th, Concert


Bass Trombone

Zackary Treadwell- 3rd, Concert 5A Area



Nicholas O’Con- 3rd, Symphonic 5A Area

Hayden Neeley- 4th, Symphonic 5A Area



Isaac Ortiz- 4th, Symphonic 5A Area



Ryan Sheffield- 2nd, Symphonic 5A Area

Gaven Ludington- 5th, Symphonic 5A Area

Andrew Eason- 11th, Concert

Jarrett Johnson- 18th, Alternate