ASL students to host Deaf comedy show this Saturday, April 11

American Sign Language comedians Wendell “Wink” Smith and Keith Wann will perform a comedy show in the auditorium 7 p.m. Saturday, April 11. All are invited to come.

Admission is $5, and the proceeds will go to the ASL program. The show will be centered around stories of  hearing children growing up with deaf parents. The comedians will alternate signing stories and voicing for the other so members of the Deaf community and hearing people alike will be able to understand.

“Although the performance will be done in ASL, it will be voiced for the signing impaired,” ASL teacher Chelsea Phemister said. “They have hilarious stories. Those in attendance will not be disappointed.”

Before the performance, Wink Smith will host two workshops, one of which focuses on the interpreter code of ethics.

“This will be a very important workshop for interpreters, ASL/Deaf Ed teachers and those in the process of becoming sign language interpreters/teachers to attend,” Phemister said. “Mrs. Prather and I are so excited to explore and learn more about the language we love so much.”

Although the performance will be done in ASL, it will be voiced for the signing impaired.

— Chelsea Phemister, ASL Teacher

The second workshop, “Making English Tangible in ASL,” will last from 1-4 p.m. This workshop is for interpreters, teachers and ASL students.

“We have so many students eager to learn more,” Phemister said. “They are ready to take the education they have received here and have their eyes opened even more by this workshop. Wink Smith is brilliant. He will get us thinking outside of our ‘English’ box and show us all how to better put the information into ASL to better benefit the Deaf community.”

After both workshops, Deaf social hour will take place in the CHS auditorium from 6-7 p.m. ASL students from a variety of schools, including Caprock, Bushland, Pampa and Lubbock will be at the social event. Hearing people are invited to attend both Deaf social hour and the comedy show to get a glimpse of what the Deaf community is like and see ASL in motion.

“We encourage all students and anyone interested in ASL to attend,” Phemister said. “It will open many people’s minds and eyes to the Deaf community and how wonderful it is.”