Canyon High wins Donor Days competition

Canyon High School was the large high school winner of the Kids Inc. Donor Days blood drive competition for the Panhandle area.

Donor Days is a competition between schools in the area to see which school could donate the most units of blood in their name. At the drive, 105 people presented to donate and gave 94 units of blood. Twenty-nine people also donated blood in off campus blood drives in honor of Canyon High. As the sponsoring organization, Key Club received the $2,000 on behalf of Canyon High for the Donor Days grand prize. Key Club sponsor Lance Culbert organized the campus’ blood drives .

 “All of the money we received will go to community service projects and leadership development activities,” Culbert said. “It makes me feel really proud that we have a student body that is dedicated to a project like this.”

Key Club vice-president Aaron Shehan presented to donate as well as rallied other students to join him.

“I never donated to win the competition,” Shehan said. “I did it for the people that I could help. All the money received from Donor Days will really benefit Key Club, which will go back to benefit the community.”