CISD provides resources to students to gain professionalism


Graphic Illustration by Laura Gill

Canyon ISD seniors will participate in Interview Week Monday, Feb. 7 – Wednesday, Feb. 9. All seniors should act professionally and utilize this opportunity to prepare for interviews in the future. “Always be respectful and polite,” senior Ruston Clark said. “Show up like it is an actual job interview. If they’re willing to shake your hand, always shake their hand. Be super respectful and always look them in the eye.”

A whisper creeps around the room as students anxiously wait for their names to be called, signaling they are next to interview. The door opens, the next name is called, but no one stands up. Suddenly, a student, in jeans and a T-shirt, runs into the room. When asked for a resume, the student does not have one. A question is preceded with a long stretch of silence, not a single answer. 

Seniors at Canyon ISD will participate in Interview Week Monday, Feb. 7 – Wednesday, Feb. 9 to ensure a better interview.

“I believe they [students] need to care for professionalism, because once you are done with high school you’re going into the real world,” senior Ruston Clark said. “Whether you go to college or not, you’re going to have to get a job out of high school. You’re going to need professionalism to get on with life, and you’re going to need to learn new skills about that.”

This checklist is a good way for students to make sure their resume is finished and has all the necessary information. Students should bring a copy of their resume on resume paper to their interview. (Graphic Illustration by Laura Gill)

Clark is interning with a real estate agent as a part of the PRO Program, and he is working towards getting his real estate license. 

“I’ve learned that talking to people is a skill that is kind of forgotten about,” Clark said. “You need the ability to communicate with others and be able to sit down face-to-face with the person and have a good conversation with them. That goes a long way. Your presence-how you look and act-is also another big thing.”

Clark said students should take advantage of Interview Week and act as if it was an actual interview for a scholarship or job.

“A big thing is whether or not they [students] are going to be able to take that interview professionally and interact with them [the interviewer],” Clark said. “Always be respectful and polite. Show up like it is an actual job interview. If they’re willing to shake your hand, always shake their hand. Be super respectful and always look them in the eye.”

Students should research the job position, company or scholarship they are interviewing for, and come knowing background information.

“Look up questions you think they will ask you or good questions you want to know about a specific job, internship or whatever you’re interviewing for,” senior Madison Jarrett said. “Make sure you’re confident in your answers. Be open to new ideas and see what the world has to offer, that is good professionalism.”

When going into an interview, students should have an extra copy of their resume and reference sheet on resume paper. If students have any questions about their resume or their upcoming interview, they should talk to their English teachers or Mrs. Precure.

“Manners go a long way,” Jarrett said. “I’ve met a lot of people by being nice and showing respect for them. You hang out with people so often, you lose that respect. Listening is also a big part. You actively have to be listening and keeping mental notes of smart things they say. If I wasn’t professional, I definitely would not be working with Texas Tech residents.

Students can run into their interviewer anywhere and should be present themselves in a manner of professionalism leading up to their interview.

Students should dress professionally and appropriate for the job they are interviewing for. Jeans, t-shirts and athletic shoes are not professional dress. (Graphic Illustration by Laura Gill)

“The most helpful piece of advice I’ve ever learned was from Mrs. Hale,” senior Sydney Degraaf said.  “You need to be aware of what you’re doing because your interviewer could be at the gas station or next to you while you’re speeding. How you act before your interview is really important.”

Interviewees should dress professionally, suiting the job they are interviewing for. Guys should wear dress pants and a nice shirt. Girls should wear dress pants and a blouse or a nice dress.

“You’re going to have to be professional in a lot of aspects of your life,” Degraaf said. “Whether it’s getting a job, getting into college or getting scholarships, you have to be professional. You have to display yourself the best way you can. It’s vital in all aspects of your life.”

Degraaf wants to pursue a career in social work or family counseling. Degraaf said she loves working with kids, and through her PRO internship, she fell in love with this field. 

“Pick something you love,” Degraaf said. “If you find something you love, you’re going to be just fine, because you’re going to enjoy going into that career. You’re going to enjoy going into college and taking classes for that career. Pick something you’re passionate about and roll with it. Be flexible and work hard.”