Choir, band to perform end of year concerts


Kayce Nelson

The varsity choir rehearses Monday afternoon for their annual variety show concert.

The choir and band will host their end of the year concerts May 13 at 7 p.m. and May 16 from 6 to 9 p.m. respectively in the auditorium. The choir concert will feature individuals as well as choirs in their annual variety show.

“We allow open auditions, and we get everything from country to pop to swing for the concert,” head choir director Brandon Farren said. “Since we work from January through April on such intense, hard, classical music the last concert is more for fun.”

We want the very last concert of the year to be the kids’ own.

— Brandon Farren, head choir director

Farren said students wear their choir shirts and jeans rather than tuxes or dresses, lending a more casual feel to the concert.

“All the songs we are doing with the choirs are a lot more contemporary,” Farren said.  “We want the very last concert of the year to be the kids’ own, and we want them to be having a good time doing it.”

Students prepared their own acts for the concert, but each choir will be performing as well. For the final song, “The Lord Bless You and Keep You,” audience members are encouraged to sing with the choirs.

“I’ve never auditioned before this year,” senior and choir president Katelyn Spivey said. “I am excited to perform in this last concert. Although it’s sad, because it is the last one for all the seniors, it’s always a blast. We get to let loose and sing some of our favorite songs, but we also get to sing some contemporary choral pieces as a goodbye to singing with one another.”

The bands will perform music from movie soundtracks and will feature different sections within the pieces.

It’s a real honor to represent such a great school with such great music programs.

— Thomas Lopez, 10

“I’m really proud of everyone involved,” sophomore Thomas Lopez said. “It’s a real honor to represent such a great school with such great music programs. Everybody puts in the effort all year, and we get to have fun at this concert. I play euphonium, and this year was a big change because my section had a lot more things for our instrument. It was way more stressful, but it was more fun. The work really paid off.”

Head band director Mike Sheffield said the level of success the band has is determined by the students.

“Each band has been consistent in rehearsal and performing,” Sheffield said. “The success this year was hard earned, and if everyone can practice and play on this level, then it makes me feel good for our band and what we can do.”