Honors titles unveiled at social

With boots on and cowboy hats tilted, students dressed up for the western-themed social, Feb 20.

Class favorites, Junior “Who’s Who,” “Senior Mosts” and “Mr. and Miss CHS” were unveiled in the auditorium at 8 p.m. to kick off the annual social.

Freshman class favorites were Maya Jones and Mesa Allison. Sophomore class Favorites were Mica Alex and Rob Munger.

First-time nominee Mica Alex said the results were a bit shocking.

“I guess I make an impact,” Alex said. “I didn’t know that many people knew who I was.”

Junior class favorites were Michael Stigler and Taylor Patton, and senior class favorites were Taryn Schenk and Garrett Hodges.

Luke Porter and Leah Moore took “Most Scholarly” while Josiah Robinson and Andi Rose took “Most Versatile.” “Most Dependable” went to Garrett Hodges and Kaitlin Koop, and “Most Athletic” went to Black Boyer and Jordan Vessels. The title “Most Spirited” when to Trey Andrews and Maggie Colville, while Cutler Polk and Caitlin Gilmore owned the title “Most Attractive.” “Wittiest” were Will Welling and Kaylee Crozier, and “Most Likely to Succeed” were Joseph Huseman and Claudia Mayfield. Hamilton Stanfield and Breanna Spicer were named “Friendliest” and “Most Talented” went to Dustin Pierce and Hope Wentz.

Junior “Who’s Who” honorees were Morgan Bressler, Trevor Davis, Erica Hinders, Macy Myrick, Tori Sills, Micah Browne, Chance Dyess, Jayla Lackey, Jesse Potestas, Tori Waddell, Blair Carpenter, Nicole Hampton, Kenzie Lawson, Madison Russ and Jayton Welch. Junior Who’s Who members are chosen by faculty and student vote, academic average and extracurricular involvement.

Ben Hassell and Casey Land took home the crowning titles of “Mr. and Miss CHS.” Land said she knew that the title “Miss CHS” meant being a representation of what Canyon High School is all about.

“I was not expecting this at all,” Land said. “It’s a huge honor. I’m very undeserving.”

Hassell said he was pleasantly surprised at how many people voted for him.

“Being ‘Mr. CHS’ means that I’m the best at everything … just kidding,” Hassel said. “I feel pretty humble to know that I have that many friends and the respect of so many of my peers. I guess I owe my thanks to them.”

After the ceremony was over, a number of the audience stayed for the western-style dance. It was four hours of Swing, Shuffle and a little Pop Locking.