‘Animal Crossing: New Leaf’ offers fun for all ages


Avery Cummings

Nintendo’s “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” can be played on a 3DS gaming system.

“Animal Crossing: New Leaf” is simulation game, in which the player lives in a rural village with anthropomorphic animals. It is the fourth installation in the “Animal Crossing” series and was released for Nintendo 3DS. There is no set story within the series, and therefore a player does not have to play them all or in chronological order.

This is the first installment in which the player begins as the mayor of the town and Isabelle, the mayor’s assistant, can send the player out on tasks to raise popularity among the villagers. Unlike most games, “Animal Crossing” does not have an ultimate goal, final boss, or any fighting at all. Instead, the main player walks around the village, picks fruit and flowers, fishes, catches bugs, interacts with the villagers and much more. The villagers are each original characters with their own interesting, unique personalities. It is quite easy to get attached to a certain villager or two depending on the person playing the game. Villagers will ask the player to complete tasks for them, and usually the player gets something in return. The game runs in real time, so shops around the village tend to close at around 9 p.m. and seasons change. Some shops are unlockable and even an island with mini-games is available. One of the most interesting things about this game, which is intended for children, is that the player has adult responsibilities, like paying off the loan for a house.

One of the most interesting things about this game is that the player has adult responsibilities.

— Jamie Abbott

Running errands within a video game might sound uninteresting when the many play video games to run away from responsibilities, but the interest does not lie in the game-play. “Animal Crossing” is simply unique because it is made for children, as one can see with the limited game-play past 9 p.m. But, it has grown a novelty value among adults who enjoy the game. The graphics are perfect for a game of this caliber, and the night skies are aesthetically pleasing. The villagers are a novelty themselves and just downright cute. The controls are exactly what one would expect from a Nintendo game, with only a few clumsy controls throughout the game. The music is suitable and appropriate for this type of game, although can be annoying if played for long periods of time. The game-play is not spectacular, but it holds its own among Nintendo fans because it is memorable, cute and unique in its own right.

It is available for purchase at GameStop or Amazon for approximately $30, plus shipping. If a player is looking for a game with mind-blowing graphics and the most exciting game-play ever seen, this might not be the game. For young children or long-time Nintendo fans with an appreciation for even the simplest of games,“Animal Crossing: New Leaf” will fit right into the library.