‘The Walking Dead’ running into viewers’ lives

An active metropolis completely empty, a peaceful farm full of the dead, and a dreadful prison crowded with the living… a fall of society and the rise of the dead. The Walking Dead.

This show is set in a present day apocalyptic era and follows the lives of a group of survivors being led by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) who is trying to protect his son, Carl (Chandler Riggs) and his wife, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies).  In the beginning, Rick is shot and taken to the hospital. When he awakens, he seems to be the only one alive. He left for Atlanta to find his family and meets many people along the way, dead and alive.

AMC’s hit show, “The Walking Dead,” will blow your mind, or at least eat at it slowly. This action packed, drama filled thriller will have you on the edge of your seat wanting to know what will happen next. It is based on a comic series by the same name. However, the constant cliff-hangers may begin to make you angry. It is currently on its third season, premiered the mid-season finale, “Made to Suffer” last Sunday with around 10 million people watching.

Another remarkable part of “The Walking Dead” is the lifelike and realistic zombies. The slow-moving, sluggish creatures that mainly rely on sound and smell are very realistic. The makeup and graphic gore are sure to make you lose your appetite. While that is unappealing to some, it is a perfect seller to me. After all, who would want to see a show with slow shallow humans spilling ketchup on each other? This isn’t the “Food Network”.

Telltale Games produced “The Walking Dead” adventure video game which is based on the original comic series. However, if this is the first you are hearing about it, prepare to be disappointed. The game has mainly been sold out in many of the major retailers, according to “iTrustNews.com”. The game will strictly be available to order and online for a while. Although Activison is releasing another game, “The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct” which is a first-person shooter set to be released in late 2013 and this game will be based on the television show instead of the comic.

“The Walking Dead” will continue in February of 2013 with the mid-season premiere, “The Suicide King.” The action, drama, and suspense are sure to thrill any of the viewers. However, the weak stomached are encouraged to turn away every now and then. If you’re interested in zombies, an apocalypse, love, loss, courage, dismay, and everything in-between, you will not be disappointed. This is a spectral sight for all to see.