‘Criminal Minds’ might just make you think

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“Criminal Minds” is like most crime shows out today – murder, evidence, the chase, and finally the capture, and maybe more homicide mixed in. Premiering in 2005 the series has gained a large fan base earning a prime time slot at 8:00pm Central time. Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) recently took the title of head of the behavioral analysis team at the FBI, while Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) has been going through a rough patch in his life. Dr. Spencer Reid( Mathew Gray Gubler), David Rossi ( Joe Mantegna) are two more profilers, and the sassy and fun Penelope Garcia(Kristen Vangsness) plays the computer goddess. While they all have their little parts they make up a team of extremely smart and cunning crime fighters.

The difference in this crime show is the murderers themselves are not just acting out of violence, there is usually something very wrong with the killers, and most are serial. The evidence comes from of course some DNA samples, but mostly from the profilers on the team. A profiler is someone who is very observant and can read someone’s actions to piece together their personality, gender, social class and physical characteristics. It is very interesting to watch how the team can catch a killer just by using their minds and logic. It also gives awareness to the audience that anybody can be a homicidal freak, not just the typical stereotypes of men that only come out at night and have never had a girlfriend.

“Criminal Minds” is not a suitable show for young viewers, unless you want your child or sibling to get the wrong idea and murder you in your sleep, or give them awful nightmares. It is gory at times, every once in a while you get a tear jerker, and the content is mature. They don’t candy coat the truth of what kind of people are out in this world with us today.

Altogether, if you are looking for a way to forget about the problems in your life and realize what a safe life you have, scare yourself, or if you love murder then “Criminal Minds” is the show for you.

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