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Courtesy of Lindsay Mayhew

Lindsay Mayhew

“I think it’s important for us to stay connected with our students because it’s important for our students to know we still care,” math teacher Lindsay Mayhew said. “They want to know you’re invested. That’s important for us to demonstrate, and that’s a whole lot harder to do online. I definitely think the district is doing what they think is best for the safety of the school district and for their staff and students. All of the teachers, we teach because of you guys, and so we wanna be at school with you guys as we’re teaching. That’s really hard for us, and it’s something we’re adjusting to. It’s going to be great, but we just miss you. I think it’ll be okay, and I think it’s what’s best.”

“I talked to some students earlier this week, and I had a lot of my seniors pop in because they were curious; they’re concerned. They are concerned graduation is going to get canceled. They’re concerned prom is going to get canceled. They’re concerned they’re not going to get to go to school at all. They’re worried about missing out on crucial senior moments. We’ll see what happens, and we’re hoping for the best. I do miss them, and I do miss class with them. But we’re going to get through it. I’m going to be here for my students every step of the way just to make sure they are successful in whatever we pursue throughout this process.”

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