The four valedictorians, freshman Kale Cameron, sophomore Shaylin Schulte, junior Abigail Bell and senior Danielle Burns, stand in their respective team uniform. Each valedictorian is involved with at least two other activities in addition to their academic pursuits. “Time management is important,” Bell said. “Setting priorities and keeping them is the best way to stay ahead. It’s about consistency and not trying to do too much. Know your limits.”

Valedictorian advice

Soaring high, the four valedictorians of Canyon High School offer their own unique advice. Each valedictorian, Danielle Burns, Abigail Bell, Shaylin Schulte and Kale Cameron, rose to the top of their class while winning championships, balancing schoolwork with social life and finding time for themselves. The valedictorians talk about their stress levels, coping techniques and study habits.

Kale Cameron
Shaylin Schulte
Abigail Bell
Danielle Burns

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