Courtesy of Mikah Anstey

Mikah Anstey

“My dad is in the medical field, and it’s scary thinking he could be infected with this and possibly bring it back home,” sophomore Mikah Anstey said. “My uncle goes to radiation at the hospital and his immune system already isn’t the best because of the radiation so there’s always the chance he could get it. I wouldn’t want to lose anyone I know and love to this virus. 

Having a parent in the medical field has been quite scary. I’m afraid he will get it, and I don’t want that since he already has a heart condition. Of course, he’s been safe with everything. He comes and visits, but always stays away in case he does have something.

The risk of infection makes us a little worried, so it’s hard to see my dad sometimes because we want to hug him, but we can’t because we could get infected. So, it’s been a little distant between everyone. It’s harder to talk to him because he’s been busy. With my dad in the medical field, he has a strong immune system, but even with that I’m afraid he could get sick and spread it farther. I wouldn’t wanna give it to my friends or any other people that I love and care for.”

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