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Courtesy of Emma Wilcox

Emma Wilcox

“I have five other siblings, so when we were told that school was moving online and that we were going to have to be at home a lot, it was stressful,” junior Emma Wilcox said. “My mom, my siblings, and I had to figure out how to manage this new way of living for a while and honestly it was really tough, but I think we are finally getting into the groove of the whole work from home thing. I am a social person, so it has been hard to not see people outside of my family on a regular basis.

Usually I am very busy with choir, work, and school alongside hanging out with friends and the sudden drop off of tasks and activities has really thrown me for a loop. I love to bake/cook so a lot of my time recently has been trying new recipes and sharing them with my family. I have made bread pudding, peanut butter blondies, chocolate chip cookies with toffee bits, homemade mac and cheese, Parmesan chicken, and more. 

In the end though my mom always knows how to cheer us up and find something to get our minds off of the current climate of our world. It is hard to watch and I worry sometimes about how my family will do in all of this because my dad, 3 younger brothers, and I all have health issues.We have been practicing social distancing, cleaning and disinfecting our house pretty much every day, and not going out unless it is necessary.”

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