Maryssa Rodriguez

Caitlan Kelch

“Crocheting is basically an intricate series of knots, whereas knitting is weaving,” sophomore Caitlan Kelch said. “That’s the big difference. Crocheting is fun and relatively easy. Sometimes a pattern can be tricky; usually, it’s the person making the pattern. I crochet cacti because you get the joy of having a succulent, and it won’t stab you. You can also use them as needle holders, so it looks like a cactus, but it will hold your needles for sewing. I’ll crochet anything, but that’s what I thought was kind of cool. When my friends call me a grandma, I think it is perfectly warranted, but I also think they’re missing out on a great, stress relieving hobby. I wish these sorts of hobbies would be brought back.”

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