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Sophomore Shaylin Schulte participates in basketball, track and golf in addition to standing as the sophomore class valedictorian. In her freshman year, Schulte was ranked second, but became first after the second semester of last year. “I wasn’t expecting to become valedictorian,” Schulte said. “It was a big surprise because I wasn’t aiming for that. Now, I want to keep this standing for the rest of high school. Being number one is about doing your work and staying focused.”

Shaylin Schulte

What is it like to be the valedictorian? 

I’ve always been super dedicated to school. I was second during my freshman year, then all of the sudden I became first after quarantine. I take all Pre-AP classes right now, and next year I will take all advanced classes. Taking the harder classes helps your GPA because you get added points. It also surrounds you with people who are just as dedicated to school as you are. 

How do you manage stress? 

It can be tough, because I miss school for basketball and golf, but you work at it. I stay up late doing homework. I stick to a schedule. I take care of my school work. I don’t let myself out of it. Doing my homework and studying keeps my stress down. It also helps me keep my grades up. 

How do you manage your time between school, extracurriculars and social life? 

I push to be the best in everything I do. School is like sports; there is some aspect that I want to win. A lot of my friends play basketball or golf, so we study together after school or practice. Sports keep you in contact with your social life. Surrounding yourself with people who are going to keep you accountable is important. You don’t want people who are going to drag you down. 

How do you study? 

Work on the little things. Do your homework; put in time to study; prepare for tests and quizzes. When you miss school, take care of the stuff you missed in class. Do what you need to do to take care of your grades. I study differently depending on the class. For algebra, I do the book work. It’s optional, but you will score better on the test if you take the time to do the extra stuff. In Chemistry, I use Quizlet. I find time to study outside of practice and during class. I will even go over information in the hallways between classes. Studying is about finding what works best for you. Being prepared for the tests and quizzes in your classes helps your grade more than you realize. If you work on the small stuff, you will be rewarded.

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