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Trey Harris

“It’s kind of scary that this is my senior year because I’m about to go into real life,” senior Trey Harris said. “People say after high school is when life really gets started. I feel like I’ve had a very positive high school experience because I have been able to do a lot of different things that I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. It’s exposed me to a lot of different things in a good way. I know I’ve definitely been exposed to music in high school. Band has made a huge impact on my life all around. It’s changed the way I act, my values, and my ability to appreciate music. Things like basketball and being in all sorts of clubs have helped me grow as a person. I think I will miss the people at Canyon High. I’ll miss the friends that I’ve made that aren’t seniors and won’t be moving on with me, and even the seniors that will be going on with their lives in a different direction. I’m going to miss the personalities of all these people, because when you are involved, you start to roll close with a whole bunch of people that you come to know and love. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited about graduating. Once I’m out, I’m going to go to college, but I’m not sure where yet. I’m going to major in music technology or electrical engineering. I feel like the more music I’ve played, the more I’ve grown to love it and I just know that I always want that to be a part of my life.”

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