Students share holiday gift wish lists

December 17, 2015

Next week, students will be checking under the tree to see what Santa brought. These Canyon High students’ wishes range from technology to flannel to watching performances. What’s under the tree this year?


Jay Mudge, 12– My ideal Christmas gift would be tickets to the DCI world championships. Advanced level marching band with brass and percussion. I enjoy listening and watching drum corps, and it would be fun to go see a performance with my friends. I’ve actually been to a DCI contest before, which was all the world class corps competing, and it was a fantastic experience.


Jastin Graves, 10– The best Christmas gift I could think of would be the iPad Pro, which is the new iPad. It’s really big, and it’s more like a computer than a tablet. With the new iOS 9 update you can run two apps at the same time which is very nice. It’s also much  faster than previous iPads, and it has a superior camera. It also has four speakers. It’s incredibly high tech.


Miles Kuehn, 10– I think a nice watch would be pretty great for Christmas. Watches look good on people, and they makes people appear professional and classy. I was looking at this one watch on the internet and it was pretty nice, but really any watch would be good.


Maddy Edwards, 11– For Christmas I want some new perfume, Bath and Body Works lotion, some new flannels, and some fuzzy socks. These items are some of my favorite things in the world, and they’re simple things that aren’t a hassle to get. Flannels are popular clothing items and they’re easy to wear and don’t take much effort,and then fuzzy socks are just really comfortable to wear around the house.


Shawn Williams, 12– My ideal Christmas gift this year would be a new television for my room so I can watch cable. Those new Samsung curved TV’s seem pretty nice and their smallest size is a 36 in, which is all I really need. I don’t actually have a tv in my room so that would be great if I could get one. I would use it to watch my favorite shows like “The Walking Dead” and “The Big Bang Theory.”


Matthew Teweleit, 12– I think a laptop for college would be great. Like a MacBook would be fantastic. I could use it in my college classes next year for writing papers and watching Netflix. I think having technology will be important for college so that I can be more productive.


Chaney Hopkins, 10– I really want a membership to the Cheese of the Month Club. If I got a membership they would be sending me a variety of luxury cheeses for 12 months,and sometimes they would even send little crackers with the cheese. I want this membership because I like to eat, I like cheese, and I especially like to get food without leaving the comfort of my home. Being in the Cheese of the Month Club would just be a really great thing for me.


Koen Lippkee, 9– I think I want a Subwoofer, which is basically a separate line of base for my home theater system. There isn’t any specific one that I’d want, but a 12 in would be great. I want this gift because I love music and movies, and it’s just a really desirable thing for audioholics like myself.


Lauren Allen, 10– I was actually thinking about getting a tablet for art this holiday. These tablets are really good for graphic design and things like that, which I am quite interested in. You can do a lot of  incredibly artistic things with them. The price is really crazy on them, ranging from $100 to $3,000, but they are quite neat.”


Cadie Hufnagle, 10– I would like a portable speaker for Christmas. I think having a portable speaker would be really useful and enjoyable because if I had one I could listen to my music wherever I am. For example, if I’m warming up at a softball game I can have my music playing in the background, or if I’m in the car I can listen to my favorite song. It just seems like something I would use every day.

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