Courtesy of Kat Clark

Kat Clark

“My birthday was March 21, the Saturday after spring break,” junior Kat Clark said. “I wanted to go out to eat with my boyfriend at my favorite restaurant, maybe go see a movie, then take my best friend shopping with my birthday money. When I came home I was going to have dinner with my family and eat the apple pie my mom always makes for my birthday. Instead, I had to change my plans because of the coronavirus. A few days before the break I realized there was no way my mom was letting me out of the house. Other than a disappointing birthday, it has made me sad. I’m not leaving my house more than once a week. I’m a really social person, and even with things like FaceTime or texting, I’m feeling pretty lonely. I’ve constantly been on social media, talking and texting with friends, annoying my siblings, but the thing that has helped the most was just going outside.”

“It is important to remember social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t go take a walk, wave at the neighbors and enjoy a view that’s not from your bedroom window. Use the time to hang out with your family, have five-hour long phone calls with your friends and bond with the people around you as much as you can. But it’s important to pay attention because you don’t know who’s at stake. When it first all broke out I was talking with my friends saying this was ridiculous; everyone was overreacting. One of my friends interrupted me and said, ‘Well I’m immunocompromised, so I really can’t get this virus.’ I had never known this about them before, and all of a sudden I had a reason to stay inside. This is serious because people like my friend are at risk of dying, not just the elderly. Our friends and family need us to stay in our homes, and I know it sucks, but when it’s all over the world will thank you for it.”

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