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Seth Nickell

Brantley Spinks

“The first time I wanted to try photography is when I went down to the art museum at the activity center and saw the pieces that were up on the walls,” senior Brantley Spinks said. “I saw how in every photo, there was a different message behind it. I loved that aspect about it. It really struck me that a picture can tell a 100-page story in a single frame. When I started taking my own photos, I began to be able to see something and realize it wasn’t just a picture I was taking. Instead, I was telling a story. This is what made me fall in love. I saw how whatever I take a picture of can be extremely powerful and real, and I could tell people a story without using a single word. In a single frame, I could capture the beauty and terrors of the world. It is something I will always do, and one day, I hope to be paid to do it.”

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