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Blake Loria

Dezaray Hernandez

“Faith can move mountains,” sophomore Dezaray Hernandez said. “At church, we watched a play with different events each leading to death and where you would want God in that difficult time. The lesson of the play was accepting and making the time to worship God. A few months back, my grandpa was in a coma, and he almost didn’t make it. We stayed strong as a family and kept praying every day.  Our pastor came to the hospital, and a few minutes later, he woke up and told us about how he was in heaven. My relationship with God is at a very strong place right now. I gave my life to God and accepted him into my life. I felt really proud of myself, because I made a commitment to God, and it was my decision. Don’t be afraid to make this commitment, because if you really want it, you have to take the chance.”

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