Five-star invitation lands homecoming date

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Homecoming is quickly approaching, and while some students create a plan to make sure it is a fantastic, date-free night, other students are rushing to find a date, searching their minds and Pinterest for a creative way to ask their prospective date to homecoming.

Junior Justin Johnson decided to do exactly that.

Thursday night after musical practice, Johnson set up his homecoming proposal for junior Hanna Green.

“I was shocked,” Green said. “I was told that someone had cracked my windshield, and I panicked. Then I saw little Christmas lights leading to him.”

Johnson wrapped Christmas lights around the trees in front of the north entrance, and held a handwritten poem on a decorated poster board, decorated in stars. Johnson also wore star-shaped sunglasses.

“I like to be creative,” Johnson said. “We normally hang out after musical practice when it is dark and the stars are out. The stars are just bright and cheery.”

Many students stayed to watch the spectacle.

“It was fun and there was a lot of energy,” Johnson said. “It seemed like everybody enjoyed watching.”

Green accepted his proposal.

“I didn’t expect for it to go down like it did,” Green said. “It was great.”


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