Cover Girl


Freshman artist Veronica Nichols’ original art is featured on the cover of the April issue Scholastic Arts magazine. Nichols created the painting in Mrs. Podzemny’s art class.

The artwork that won the national cover of the Davis magazine was a school art project that Podzemny sent in to the contest without Nichols’ knowledge. When the letter from the magazine arrived, Nichols said she couldn’t have been more surprised.

“When I was creating the cover, I had no idea it had the potential for a national magazine cover,” Nichols said. “I was proud it won the cover and proud of my accomplishment.”

Following the win, Nichols said she hopes it will open up new opportunities for her future in art.

“Now that I have the cover, I hope that it will look good in a portfolio that will get me accepted into an art school,” Nichols said. “I would love to be accepted to the Art Center Design College in Albuquerque or the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Colorado.”

With the unexpected win, Nichols said it has motivated her to get even more involved in her artwork.

“I recently got a private art teacher, and I’m working on a few art projects,” Nichols said.

Nichols she said her family and friends were as excited as she was.

“As soon as my mom found out, she had to call the entire family and tell them the good news,” Nichols said. “It’s nice having the support system of family and friends.”