A choice for voice

Sophomore reaches area level in band, choir


Erin Sheffield

Sophomore Tobin Brooks performs vocal warm-ups in choir.

The boy looks at the oboe, the sleek wooden instrument encased within the metal workings. He has practiced on it for months and competed with it. Now, he must choose between it and the other instrument he has worked with for so long. He turns away from the oboe, and, for this audition, his decision has been made.

Sophomore Tobin Brooks reached the state audition for both band and choir. The auditions occurred on the same day, so he was required to choose one.

They want to make sure that everyone has a chance to get better at what they’re doing. ”

— Tobin Brooks, 10

“I made it to the state audition for the choir and band,” Brooks said. “There’s a thing called dual reciprocation where I can only choose one because they’re on the same day. They’re both three hours away from each other, and it would be really confusing to go back and forth.”

Brooks said his family, who are all musicians, inspired him to become a musician and compete in band and choir competitions.

“I chose choir because if I was going to try out for band, I would have to get top four in the state, and that seems a little impossible for me,” Brooks said. “For choir, I only need to get in the top five or six in the entire area and there’s more auditions. They want to make sure that everyone has a chance to get better at what they’re doing. Choir gives you more chances.”

Brooks said by choosing choir, he has released some of the stress he would have if he chose to attend the band audition.

“I practice weekly,” Brooks said. “I practice both band and choir each week. I can continue to progress throughout, and not just have to worry about one because the other gets worse over time.”

The state auditions for both band and choir were Jan. 13.

I’m always saying ‘do what your heart desires.’”

— Tobin Brooks, 10

“My goal is to make the All-State band and choir at least once,” Brooks said. “I’m going to do this through high school. Canyon is going to 4A next year which would mean a lot less competition and a lot higher chance that I get recognition from the state.”

Moving to 4A will mean a simplified audition for both band and choir auditions.

“I didn’t know you could do both, because everybody was always telling me you can only do one,” Brooks said. “I’m always saying ‘do what your heart desires.’ I think it really helps to express any feelings that you have through music.”