ChromeSquad to collect Chromebooks May 14, 15


Katelyn Spivey

Students will turn in Chromebooks May 14, 15, and students will be fined for broken Chromebooks.

Claire Meyer, Staff Reporter

ChromeSquad will collect all school-issued Chromebooks Monday, May 14, and Tuesday, May 15.

Freshman and sophomores will turn in their computers Tuesday, May 15, and juniors and seniors will turn theirs in Monday, May 14. Both groups will turn in their Chromebooks during their English classes. The last day to check out calculators and books is May 11.

“Last week students got an email with all the instructions,” ChromeSquad director Jessica Ray said. “Everybody needs to make sure they have their Chromebook, their charger and that it is charged to at least 50 percent. The day of check-in, students also need to have their library materials, such as calculators or books.”

The fine for a missing charger is $60.00 and $10.00 for any stickers on the Chromebook, unless they are removed by the student. Any payments need to be ready on the day of turn in.

“Other fines include a screen,” Ray said. “If they have already have a broken screen, a new one will be $50.00. If the keyboard is broken, $50.00. If the Chromebook is completely destroyed, the charge is $235.00.”

Seniors have the option to purchase their Chromebooks for $40.00 through MyPaymentsPlus.

“Seniors will still turn their Chromebook in, but next Friday we will give them back,” Ray said. “We need to take it out of our inventory and out of our security system.”