Syd’s Closet shines through sophomore’s entrepreneurship

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Brightly colored bracelets shine across Facebook as potential customers scroll through. The glittering beads attract the attention of the first customer of the new business. A surprised and fearful Sydney Gadberry answers questions about her jewelry to the customer and has soon made her first sale. Suddenly, a sense of accomplishment fills her, and, unable to contain her excitement, Gadberry begins making more bracelets.

Sophomore Sydney Gadberry opened “Syd’s Closet,” an online store where customers can order bracelets and necklaces through social media sites Facebook and Instagram last summer. She is creating a website, soon to feature graphic tees in addition to jewelry, and also is opening up a booth on the second level of the Nat in the antique district of Amarillo April 5. All orders from the online store will be directly shipped to customers and all Syd’s closet merchandise will be available for purchase on it.

“Initially I started my store just to get a little bit of money, but now it’s turned into a whole expansion project,” Gadberry said. “Knowing what people want and showing them new options.”

I figured out how to piece stuff together and make it look nice and pretty.”

— Sydney Gadberry, 10

Gadberry began “Syd’s Closet” through Facebook and advertises the store on other social media sites as well.

“I don’t like going and buying jewelry because nothing ever fits right,” Gadberry said. “It’s never what I want, so I decided to make it on my own so I can do what I want. Once I figured out that people were liking the stuff, I kept doing it.”

Gadberry said her products have grown in quality since she started making them.

“When I first started, they were nice, but I hadn’t figured it out yet,” Gadberry said. “Now I really know quality and how to tell the difference. I figured out how to piece stuff together and make it look nice and pretty. I have many clients that are regulars now, too.”

The jewelry is handmade by Gadberry, who currently hand delivers or ships products to customers. Gadberry said making different styles is one way she is planning for the future of her business.

“I look at the new trends and find what fits my style best,” Gadberry said. “I usually use disco beads and a variety of colors. The beads all have different styles and characteristics. It’s super fun getting to explore all of the possibilities.”

Gadberry said she wants to continue her business after high school.

“If I can go to college for business, I feel like it will help a lot,” Gadberry said. “I think starting this is like entrepreneurship, and leading into business is beneficial at this point. I’ve had to learn different tactics to  sustain growth, but it feels so great to know that people continue to buy.”

After the first sale, Gadberry said she wanted to sell as much as she could.

“I remember being a bit fearful, because I didn’t know if people were actually going to like the jewelry,” Gadberry said. “It was super refreshing thought when I realized I was able to create a real business. I have a feeling it’s going to be a success.”

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