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Eagles Tale staff views BYOT in need of revision

November 13, 2012

Filed under Opinion

Canyon Independent School District introduced a new program called Bring Your Own Technology at the beginning of this school year after installing campus-wide Wi-Fi. BYOT enables students to bring personal laptops and smart devices...

Country must come together to support President

Jayden Beatty, Associate Editor

November 12, 2012

Filed under Opinion

The results of Tuesday's election left many irritated and caused several outbursts about the alleged incompetence and idiocracy of President Obama. Pledges to move to Canada, secede from the union, pursue impeachment and predictions o...

All about the Benjamins: Presidential campaigns degrade to attacks, money, move away from focus on credentials, voters

Jayden Beatty, Associate Editor

October 30, 2012

Filed under Opinion

Speaking via the television during the current election season, convincing voters that the opponent is a liar and unworthy to hold office has replaced the day of handshakes and kissing babies. Campaign strategies for political...

Is print dying? As informations flows online, papers face challenges

Jayden Beatty, Associate Editor

October 26, 2012

Filed under Opinion

Technological advancement occurs every day with more and more of the world population becoming dependent on machines for everyday life. This dependency has caused many major industries such as the newspaper industry to transition...

Check the facts, check the box

Jayden Beatty, Associate Editor

September 7, 2012

Filed under Opinion

Most American citizens, especially young people, hear the usual lecture of the importance of registering and voting in elections when one becomes of age. Despite knowing that importance, this particular presidential election seems...

Trashy attitudes affects entire campus


April 4, 2012

Filed under Opinion

It is difficult to write an editorial that should not have to exist. The hallways are strewn with crumpled papers; the microwaves are permanently stained by hardened pizza pockets; the paint is worn right off the banister railings...

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