Decorating delight


Claire Meyer

A dove ornament hangs from the Christmas tree.

Blue decorations hang from the tree, sparkling spectacularly in the multicolored light. A small dog ornament with peeling paint hangs in the middle. Two turtle doves are fixed to one side flying toward each other. Sitting slightly crooked on the top of my beautiful tree is Santa, with a navy coat and a long white beard.

As far back as I can remember, we have been decorating our Christmas tree with the same ornaments, a set of blue and silver Hobby Lobby balls of beauty. Snowflakes also hang from my tree, spilling sparkles all over the floor. These decorations hold some kind of special memory, like waiting anxiously to open my Christmas Eve gift or sitting on the couch listening to holiday music.

The dog ornament my dad received as a child still hangs delicately intact, even if a little worn down. It is one of the oldest things on our tree. To carry on the tradition, my siblings and I each bought our own to match. Now a pug, a bloodhound and a bulldog dangle from the branches of my Christmas tree.  

My favorite ornament is the set of glass reindeer as old as the rest of our collection. They are frozen in a jumping position, their frosted scarves fluttering out behind them. Over the years, a few of the reindeer were unceremoniously murdered, pushed off the Christmas tree and shattered into a heartbreaking pile of broken holiday spirit. It’s upsetting, but I know there will always be more to replace them.

Decorations remind me what Christmas is all about: thinking of others and appreciating the times shared with them.”

— Claire Meyer, 10

It’s not just the ornaments on the tree, though; I love all decorations, from the bright red and green lights lining the roof of my house to the wreath sprinkled with cranberries. Sparkling tinsel surrounds my tree. Our stockings match the ornaments, blue with flecks of silver, while the fireplace is always lit, making the house smell like wood. Every single decoration adds to the holiday feel I have waited for all year.

For me, decorations hold a sense of individuality and wonder. They bring up long forgotten childhood memories and Christmases from years past. Decorations remind me what Christmas is all about: thinking of others and appreciating the times shared with them.

Decorating does tend to go a little overboard sometimes, and I feel like I’m drowning in Christmas. However, it wouldn’t feel like Christmas at all without the tree lit up in the corner and stockings hanging by the fireplace, along with three siblings waiting for Santa to arrive.