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Torchy’s Tacos provides unique, enjoyable dining experience

Senior Kayla Walsh shared a burrito with a friend during a staff visit to Torchy's Tacos.

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The fourth period editor’s staff recently visited Torchy’s Tacos, located on Soncy near United Supermarket. Despite the line from the cash registers to the door, we were seated within ten minutes and the food was brought soon afterward. As a whole, the staff would eat there again and enjoyed the experience.

Lauren Moore, Yearbook Staff Member : The Democrat taco

The customer service was good; the girls taking the orders were nice, took our orders and moved on the next customer.  After we got our drinks and sat down at our table, we only had to wait about ten minutes for our food to come out.  I ordered the Democrat, and was expecting a decent sized taco for what I paid.  When I looked at what was on my plate, I was disappointed. The size of the taco was snack-sized.  The taco was very good taste wise and I enjoyed it.  It was very different from anything I had ever had before.  So, Torchy’s in my opinion is a good place to go if you’re not in a huge hurry. The food is wonderful but if you can eat a lot like me, order two or three tacos.  Overall, I was impressed, but next time I go, I’ll be sure to order more food.

Allison Koontz, Associate Editor: The Green Chile Pork taco, Republican taco and Prickly Pear Lemonade

I ordered the Green Chile Pork and the Republican tacos. The Republican was a spicy grilled jalapeño sausage covered in shredded cheese and a layer of pico de gallo in a flour tortilla. Although I was unsure how sausage would taste in a taco, I was quite surprised by the flavor combination. I enjoyed that the sausage was not overwhelmingly spicy and had a strong flavor. The Green Chile Pork taco was packed with taste and had an appealing presentation. The slow-roasted pork combined with green chiles, cilantro, queso fresco and paired with a tomatillo salsa made a perfect taco. It was my favorite choice and I enjoyed every bite. I found myself somewhat obsessed with their unique soda choices. The prickly pear lemonade was the perfect amount of tartness and sweetness. I was very impressed by the friendly staff, hip atmosphere and delicious food. I will definitely return again soon.

Tasha Brown, Newspaper Editor-in-Chief: The Mr. Orange taco and Street Corn

Despite the fast food ordering style, a friendly server brought the food to the table. My order of a Mr. Orange taco and Street Corn were delicately placed in front of me.  The taco was about teacup-plate-sized and would not have filled me up without the corn. However, most of the taco was filled with a large chunk of salmon. For a $4.25 taco, it was expensive-tasting and belonged in a five-star, white-tablecloth restaurant. When I bit into it, I didn’t really taste the salmon but was met with a spicy lemon-lime flavor with a hint of fresh cilantro and a creamy avocado sauce. I was left with a taste of freshness and delicacy.

The street corn tasted similar to fresh grilled corn-on-the-cob sprinkled with tangy mozzarella cheese, coated with red chili powder and flavored with more cilantro. The corn became spicier with each bite, most likely because of the chili powder. The corn was not sweet but still flavorful. I would have personally added a little mayo to imitate the street corn I’ve had before, but it was all right.

I’d recommend this restaurant to people who enjoy unusual food, spice and a relaxed atmosphere. Parents, be warned. Torchy’s Tacos does not have a family-friendly logo, although it is proudly displayed on the wall. Also, a cute little devil circles above the heads of the customers.

To quote Mrs. Smith, “This is the best school lunch I’ve had all year.” I’d have to agree.

Erin Westermann, Yearbook Editor-in-Chief: The Democrat taco, Mr. Pink taco and Prickly Pear Lemonade

Torchy’s Tacos’ food lives up to their devilish logo by delivering spice in both of the two differing tacos I enjoyed. I ordered “The Democrat,” shredded beef and avocado on a corn tortilla, and “Mr. Pink,” a corn tortilla filled with seared tuna and cabbage. Although both were delicious with a little kick, I liked the juiciness and lower level of spice of “The Democrat” better. Each creatively named order comes with one taco. Two makes for a filling meal, which allows customers to try different options rather than being restricted to two of the same taco. Cutting the spice is Torchy’s selection of Maine Root fountain drinks, a line of organically sweetened sodas from Austin, Texas. I tried the prickly pear lemonade and found myself returning to the soda fountain for plenty of refills. Overall, I loved the imaginative food and atmosphere. I hope to go back to Torchy’s soon to enjoy the “Democrat” as much as the first time.

Kayla Walsh, Yearbook Staff Member: The Chicken Grande Burrito and Queso

Although Torchy’s Taco is a 20-minute drive from Canyon, it is completely worth the trip. I split the $8 Chicken Grande Burrito with a friend, and we also shared queso. The food was delicious and the queso was by far the best. With extra cheese, a spoonful of guacamole and the perfect amount of vegetables, Torchy’s offers the best chips and queso in Amarillo for a decent price for the amount received. With a friendly staff and clean dining area, I strongly recommend trying Torchy’s Tacos for a fun unique dinner.

Laura Smith, Newspaper/Yearbook Adviser: The Baha Shrimp taco, Beef Fajita taco and unsweetened tea

On my third visit to Torchy’s Tacos, I chose to rely on my first-trip favorite, the Baha Shrimp taco, and decided to try a beef fajita taco for the first time.

The Baha Shrimp taco is a feast, not only for the eyes, but for the taste buds. The cooked cabbage slaw with jalapenos and onions lends a splash of color and a spicy kick that varies from bite to bite. One bite was spicy enough to cause a quick reach for my drink.  The shrimp breading is seasoned and tender yet adds just the right amount of crunch. Cheese with fresh cilantro and lime completes what remains my favorite Torchy’s taco.

The beef fajita taco proved better than expected with tender, marinated and grilled skirt steak with an authentic grilled flavor that kept surprising me with each bite as I had expected the steak might be tough. Grilled onions and green peppers topped with grated cheese finished the taco, which I found much more filling than the shrimp taco. If ordering only one taco on a future visit, I will order the beef fajita taco.

Although tempted by the wide array of Mexican-influenced soft drinks, I opted for unsweetened iced tea, which is actually good, fresh-brewed tea rather than a concoction created by pressing a button and adding concentrate to water.

The service was impressive. During a very crowded lunch rush, the cashier pleasantly agreed to my request to place and pay for three separate orders at once. The orders were correct and delivered promptly. As we left the restaurant, a smiling employee called out to us to have a nice day and to return. Sometimes restaurants do not extend courtesy to groups of teenage diners, but these Torchy’s employees were friendly, observant and attentive.

Torchy’s food is excellent but not for those on a budget. Most of the individual bills for those ordering two tacos and a drink were $10-$12. (Their breakfast menu, as I discovered on a prior visit, does feature delicious options that are filling and more affordable.)

The atmosphere, with a centrally-located bar and a devilish décor that features an expletive in the logo on both the wall and the cups makes the restaurant less family friendly, but the food is worth a return trip (or many) for adults and teens.

Click here to view the menu.

To visit the Torchy’s Tacos website, click here.

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Torchy’s Tacos provides unique, enjoyable dining experience